Thursday, November 17, 2005

I guess the 9/11 report lied also

Despite the belief that the war in Iraq was about oil, the reality is much more complex. One of the issues was the links between Iraq and Al Qaeda (but not 9/11 directly). Byron York has an interesting post.


Blogger Jeff said...

I don't believe the war was about oil, except in the general sense that we wouldn't give a fuck about a dictator or mass graves in Iraq if there weren't oil in the Middle East.

But you've got to admire Byron for tenaciously peddling this crap year after year, even though the Commission found that there was "no operational relationship," which is pretty much the end of story in terms of legitimate war rationales.

The problem is that no one cares except the neo-cons, and we all know they wanted to oust Saddam/Assad/the Iranian mullahs because they believed that terrorists couldn't operate effectively without official state patronage. That's not new news.

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