Friday, March 17, 2006

More on Enron

I'm a sucker for juicy details relating to the Lay/Skilling trial. From this afternoon's Wall St Journal Marketbeat :

Daniel Gross, who writes Slate's Moneybox column, smacks down Daniel Petrocelli, lawyer to former Enron CEO Jeff Skilling. The columnist took issue with Mr. Petrocelli writing to Fortune to complain about reporters Peter Elking and Bethany McLean, saying that no one else covering the Enron trial "cashed in" as much on the "rush to judgment of Mr. Skilling and Mr. [Ken] Lay." Mr. Gross retorts, "No one? Um, how about Petrocelli? Elkind, McLean, and Joe Nocera … probably wound up with several hundred thousand dollars each for their efforts to provide a non-fiction chronicle of the Enron saga. Petrocelli, by contrast, will likely take home several million for his efforts to provide a largely fictional chronicle of the Enron saga."


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