Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Art Buchwald Conquers Death!

Refusing to give up the ghost, Art Buchwald slogs on.

Buchwald, 80, refused to take dialysis in February. His doctor then gave him three weeks to live without the treatment for kidney failure.

"I decided to move into a hospice and go quietly into the night," he said, announcing the decision in his regular Post column.

But it hasn't turned out exactly like that -- as his newest column in the Post attests. Four months on, "for reasons that even the doctors can't explain, my kidneys kept working."

Say what you will about the unfunny humorists of today (Ted Rall notwithstanding), Art has been making people not laugh since dickety-six. He makes the Capitol Steps seem downright hilarious. Not even terminal illness can keep Art from writing that insipid column. Grim Reaper, have mercy on us!


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