Friday, July 14, 2006

Worse Than Paris Hilton

In a desperate attempt to extend their 15 minutes of fame, Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson have filed a lawsuit against several administration officials for leaking her name in 2003. This midlevel CIA analyst and former ambassodor to nowhere have made themselves heroes to the radical left. I'm sure they have made a fortune on the lecture circuit from the mouth breathing Kossacks.

This suit has no merit on its face. Patrick Fitzgerald is fininshing up his investigation without finding any criminal activity (other than Scooter Libby being dumb enough to perjure himself). There is no evidence of a conspiracy. Novak has come out and said the leak was given to him in passing in the middle of a longer conversation. Novak followed up by calling Rove. Let me repeat, NOVAK CALLED ROVE. He then called the CIA. There is no conspiracy.

For the sake of aurgument, lets assume their is a 'conspiracy' for a moment. They still don't get to sue over this. This is politics in the major leagues. As distastful as this is, it would be nothing new. All I would say is welcome to the big city kid. Who does Karl Rove get to go after for all the people who have called him a criminal. Someone on this very blog called him turdblossom.

I know it won't happen, but a judge needs to through this case out and level punitive sanctions against the Wilson's for wasting everyones time.

I just hope we don't see a sex video in six months.


Blogger Germanicu$ said...

The AP wire story - which is carried in most media sources I've read this in - does not indicate what the Wilsons are seeking in damages. It took a visit to the New York Times before I found out that "The civil lawsuit... does not specify any amount of damages being sought."

The suit is of questionable merit because the Wilsons are claiming "gross invasions of privacy," something they didn't cry foul over when Vanity Fair had a giant 12-page, photo-filled spread of their lush life.

But the suit's merit notwithstanding, they certainly have a right to file it. This is America: anyone with means can pay a bunch of attorneys to clog the legal system.

Karl Rove can go after me for calling him turdblossom, but I was can't take credit for coining that bon mot. That's been the President's nickname for him for some time.

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