Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The "Pelosi asked for a 757" meme, though thoroughly discredited by now, will continue to be repeated as gospel by winger radio hosts, cable news jockeys, and bloggers into the forseeable future, and will therefore bleed into the popular press to some degree as well. I can think of several examples of this phenomenon: BS stories about Al Gore claiming to have invented the internets, or been the model for "Love Story," or discovered Love Canal ; about outgoing Clinton staffers vandalizing the White House; about John Kerry faking injuries to get medals.

I assume there are some examples of left-wing fabrications about Republicans that live on in spite of a lack of evidence, but none comes to mind.



Blogger Germanicu$ said...

The only one I can think of is former President Bush not knowing how to use a grocery scanner, which has been discredited by yet still lives on as one of my favorite anecdotes:

Whether this was as malicious as the John Kerry thing or the Pelosi thing is debatable, but there's no doubt this lives on.

I guess there's the one where Reagan said ketchup was a vegetable, and therefore was suitable for school lunches... or the one where Reagan said trees are bad for the environment... oh wait, he actually said those, and clearly believed them.

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