Monday, November 21, 2005

Gen. George Casey: Treacherous, Traitorous, Treasonable Traitor


Blogger hurtleg said...

The military routinely develops many contingency plans. So the fact that Gen. Casey developed a plan for a scenario where things were are calming down in Iraq and the Iraqi security forces are larger and more effective than today is hardly treacherous, traitorous, or treasonable.

Is it possible that the US military force in Iraq could be reduced after a permanent government is elected according to their new constition? Reduce forces as the Iraqi military becomes more effective? Of course, this has been the plan all along, make the Iraqi's responsible for their own security. This takes time an patience. A compatent military does not spring up over night.

We don't know how long this will take, that is why we can't put a hard timeline on the deployments!!!

I think it is silly for either side to question the patriatism of the people who disagree with them. For example, I have great respect for Rep. Murtha's service in the Marine Corps, but I strongly disagee with with his policy suggestions for Iraq today.

I think it is a crutch both sides of the war use to deflect the argument from substance to soundbites that make the evening news.

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Blogger RaginCajun said...

Hurtleg is right. The military has in the past developed contingency plans for all sorts of things. My experience as a military planner showed that all sorts of crazy contingencies were thought about and provided money for beltway bandits to endlessly model. See for example contingency plans apparently underway for a war with Venezuela:

What is distressing to me is that very little planning was apparently done in case an insurgency arose after the initial phase of war in Iraq. There was good reason to think that it might happen, and arguably better evidence that an Iraqi insurgency would arise than that we'll ever go to war with Venezuela (though they do have some juicy oil fields).

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