Monday, December 05, 2005

Yes, but can he scan groceries?

Quite a photo op:

"And so I urge all Americans to assist your fellow citizens in menial and skilled labor jobs, no matter how expensive the suit you are wearing at the time. Whether you are clearing brush wearing penny loafers or tightening hose clamps wearing an Armani suit, the message of community and freedom and ostentatious wealth that you transmit to the terrorists will be heard loud and clear."

"Only by pretending to actually work will we be able to keep our economy strong and resilient for the next generation of posing politicians."

"By tightening this hose on this doohickey, the internal air pressure will increase, and this John Deere machinery will operate more efficiently, enabling people like Terri Schiavo to one day live longer, fuller lives."


Blogger Jeff said...

You had me at "penny loafers."

2:32 PM  

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