Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do What I Say, Not What I Do

Duplicity 101:

President Bush issued a stark warning to Democrats on Tuesday about how to conduct the debate on Iraq as midterm elections approach, declaring that Americans know the difference between "honest critics" and those "who claim that we acted in Iraq because of oil, or because of Israel, or because we misled the American people."

In some of his most combative language yet directed at his critics, Mr. Bush said Americans should insist on a debate "that brings credit to our democracy, not comfort to our adversaries."

"There is a difference between responsible and irresponsible debate, and it's even more important to conduct this debate responsibly when American troops are risking their lives overseas," he said.

Right, got it. The uniting, bipartisan, compassionate President has decided to finally spend that hard-earned political capital by embiggening the debate on Iraq, which has been so irresponsibly conducted by those on the other side. Does anyone actually listen to this guy and think he's not full of shit?

Today, in front of 425 members of the V.F.W., Mr. Bush received standing ovations.

Oh, right - hand-picked audiences. 425 cheering veterans can't be wrong! If your reception at the Council on Foreign Relations was a bit tepid, just stick to the VFW.

The GOP has made it clear that their speciality is not vision, policy, or implementation - their speciality is working day and night to destroy their political opposition. The K Street Project is a fine example. The Administration shock troops make no bones about attacking critics of the war with impunity (witness the full-court press on Rep. Murtha) - but then they have the balls to call for a more "responsible" debate.

Wait - here's the best part.

In discussing Iraqi politics, Mr. Bush directly addressed Sunni Arabs, a minority in the new government, saying, "Compromise and consensus and power-sharing are the only path to national unity and lasting democracy. ...A country that divides into factions and dwells on old grievances cannot move forward and risks sliding back into tyranny."

Lecturing the Sunnis on compromise and power-sharing, while actively pursuing a scorched earth policy against your domestic opposition. Now that's Chutzpah[tm].


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