Thursday, May 25, 2006

Iran Starting to Destabilize?

Let us hope this continues.

Iranian Protests:
* After fighting with police and vigilantes on Wednesday, Tehran University students set their dorms on fire Thursday as protests grew more violent overnight.

* Violence rocked the northern Tabriz region again on Wednesday as up to 16 were reported killed in the clashes including three students.

* Students at Ahwaz University in the southern Khuzistan Province also held protests on Wednesday against the regime.

I hope this accelerates quickly and the regime is toppled in the next year or so. Otherwise the US will have to start the bombing in the fall of '07. (Enough time to go through the Kubuki Theater that is the UN and diplomacy and before the '08 elections.)


Blogger Germanicu$ said...

Students burning their dorms to protest other students' expulsion is unlikely to bring down the regime. More likely, it will result in a bunch of homeless students, which translates into more angry young Iranians. Since none of those students was holding a placard saying "AMERICA PLEASE BOMB US," I wouldn't bet on those angry students being on our side when your expensive bombing project begins.

A cited reference in your link presents this shoddy excuse for journalism:

"Students who covered their faces with scarves lit fires outside dormitories through Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, photographs showed. By dawn the streets were littered with hundreds of stones they had thrown."

Citing photographic evidence without providing it is always a red flag for me. And has erosion been ruled out for how the streets were littered with "hundreds of" stones?

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