Friday, March 02, 2007

Human Caused Warming ??

Amazing. Humans pollute so much it has spilled over to Mars. We must be stopped!!

Simultaneous warming on Earth and Mars suggests that our planet's recent climate changes have a natural—and not a human- induced—cause, according to one scientist's controversial theory.
Earth is currently experiencing rapid warming, which the vast majority of climate scientists says is due to humans pumping huge amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Mars, too, appears to be enjoying more mild and balmy temperatures.
In 2005 data from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor and Odyssey missions revealed that the carbon dioxide "ice caps" near Mars's south pole had been diminishing for three summers in a row.
Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of the St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, says the Mars data is evidence that the current global warming on Earth is being caused by changes in the sun.
"The long-term increase in solar irradiance is heating both Earth and Mars," he said. Abdussamatov believes that changes in the sun's heat output can account for almost all the climate changes we see on both planets.

Stories like this are why I am still skeptical about human caused global warming. The environment has cycled between warm and cool periods for thousands of years.

As I have said before, there are other valid reasons to cut CO2 output (quality of air breathed, less dependence on oil from the middle east, etc), but I have trouble buying into the hysteria that we are all going to die in 20 years.


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"but I have trouble buying into the hysteria that we are all going to die in 20 years."

You've really managed to absorb the current science on this issue well. Bravo.

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