Saturday, September 22, 2007

And, "because Hillary is scarier" is a risky answer....

From Guliani's pro-gun speech to the NRA the other day, as reported by Marc Ambinder

Giuliani said that's ad criticizing Gen. Petreaus was out of bounds and hinted that the group should face some sort of sanction.

"They passed a line that we should not allow an American political organization to pass," he said. "We are at war right now, whether some people want to recognize it or not."

So not only is Guliani prostituting himself to the NRA, but he is willing to abandon the First Amendment in the name of faux patriotism.

He expects to pick up votes from moderates in the general election, why?


Blogger sexyretard said...


I cannot speak for moderates obviously, but I have a very serious problem whenever an interest group of any sort is threatened with a sanction for unpopular speech. I don't think that freedom of speech should have an asterix.

The real donkey dumplings is in Giuiliani pretending to be a gun lover. If the NRA falls for his shizzle then it deserves to fail. I believe that politicians do have the right, of course, to have "evolving" opinions, but I simply note how "convenient" it is for this little switch to occur. He cited a court ruling on changing his mind. I'm not sure I'm buying that.

The one thing that I like about Giuliani is his apparent willingness to let the states decide on some controversial issues. That's the message I think will do him the most good--he can keep his gun control and abortion rights opinions but also argue that the states should have great leeway on how they decide such issues. I think that could appeal to both moderates and conservatives (not me particularly, but I doubt sincerely he cares what I think or how I will vote).

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Blogger sexyretard said...

By the way, I notice with great displeasure a push by big brother to tell parents not to give their kids any alcohol (it was the banner ad for the Atlantic). What a crock. Instead, why not encourage responsible drinking/adult supervision/taking away car keys? Teenagers will consume alcohol, why not fight the battles that are winnable?

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