Wednesday, November 23, 2005

And the winner is...

....some other team! Sexy Retard and I made it to Pub Quiz last night and got waxed. A distant seventh, if memory serves. The topics were once again rigged in favor of Johnny Cash fanatics. SexyRetard and I made several "educated guesses," but we didn't stand a chance. Maybe it's because we strayed from the formula: instead of choosing a Simpsons-inspired name, we went for MAXIMUM OFFENCE, which struck us as funny AND true.

Just like Jesus.

We came up with the perfect team name halfway through, and we should consider it for future teams: Biggus Dickus. I suppose this might not be very funny to someone who hasn't seen the Monty Python movie LIFE OF BRIAN, but it would certainly get our opponents' attention.


Blogger sexyretard said...

Sadly true, dear friend. I enjoyed it greatly, however, with trickling beer augmented by flowing cleavage.

What I must know, now, is how many of the rest of you knew that Kennedy went to Princeton, John John went to Brown, they were from Brookline, and what John Carter Cash looks like.

All of you? Well then to hell with all of you!!!!!!!!

"There, I've gone and soiled myself, happy now?"--Stewie

Off topic of the glorious 7th place showing (or was it 8th), Germanicus mentions that perhaps the movie industry, which long ago stopped producing anything worth paying 5 bucks for (let alone 10, I don't care if it IS a brew and view, although it does take the edge off), has nevertheless made itself essential to the economy of California, and in turn the country.

Can a particular industry be both useless in practice, and yet necessary due to the consequences of it's destruction?

I was thinking in terms of the American dollar not being backed by anything, but this may also be analogous to the collapse of the Brazlian Real, which wasn't really worth anything either but then all hell broke loose when that secret got out.

Now, I'm not a military-industrial complex conspiracy theorist, but what say you all to a theory that perhaps we're at war for the sake of growing our military budget, out of the belief of some that such is good for the economy?

Your thoughts?

Have a great Thanksgiving y'all! I will be rioting in Toledo.

8:32 PM  
Blogger mkchicago said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Sunny California! Sorry to hear Big D didn't live up to it's name. That is why you should never venture away from Groenerian nomenclature. My apologies to all those craving pub grub. I do indeed have the food coupon. I'll bring it back when I'm done swimming in the Pacific Ocean. I already sacrificed my glasses to Neptune when I went boogie boarding. Moral of the story: take your glasses off before taking on the waves. See you soon.

10:57 PM  

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