Friday, December 09, 2005

Budget Perspective

I found this graph interesting. It illustrates how defense spending is historically pretty low, even though we are at war. It also shows that that healthcare costs are the fastest rising part of the budget (no surprise). The problem is nobody has a good answer on how to fix it.


Blogger Jeff said...

"The problem is nobody has a good answer on how to fix it."

I agree with you in part, since two of the big drivers of health care costs are advancing technology and increased expectations on the part of consumers. However, single-payer healthcare is a proven way to reduce costs (most of them administrative) while expanding access, and is a highly popular system--much more popular than ours--in every country where it's been implemented. Here is an interesting study on Taiwan's fairly recent development of a National Health System. Single-payer has problems, as all health systems do, but, in the words of Churchill, it's probably the worst system, with the exception of all the others.

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