Friday, December 16, 2005

Everything For Sale

At least no one can accuse us of hypocrisy for buying good news in Iraq.


Blogger mkchicago said...

Based on Bandow's articles you're absolutely right.
Check out this gem entitled Why conservatives must not vote for Bush

"A few high-octane speeches cannot disguise the catastrophic failure of the Bush administration in both its domestic and its foreign policies. Mounting deficits are likely to force eventual tax increases, reversing perhaps President Bush's most important economic legacy. The administration's foreign policy is an even greater shambles, with Iraq aflame and America increasingly reviled by friend and foe alike."

"Yet Bush's foreign policy record is as bad as his domestic scorecard. The administration correctly targeted the Taliban in Afghanistan, but quickly neglected that nation, which is in danger of falling into chaos. The Taliban is resurgent, violence has flared, drug production has burgeoned and elections have been postponed."

"Iraq, already in chaos, is no conservative triumph. The endeavor is social engineering on a grand scale, a war of choice launched on erroneous grounds that has turned into a disastrously expensive neocolonial burden"

Yes the Bush administration has certainly bought the media. I just hope they saved the receipt.

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