Thursday, January 19, 2006

Urban Dictionary

Kodos can be so many things!


"A vote for very bad things, and unemployment, and hair boutiques for bourgeois super-smart mokeys who will take over the world, and monkey strip bars where baboons shake their blue asses to Guns and Roses."


Blogger sexyretard said...

Speaking of defining our own worlds, I notice that Pete Sampras has joined us. I played for my small college about 80 pounds ago, so I want to use this occasion to see if he wants to play.

I'm hoping for a liberal line judge who believes that concrete standards of "in" and "out" are outdated and intolerant.

I think there is a lot to the ability to recreate language, and I think the prevalence of slang is a very bad thing (nothing to be sanctioned by law, or anything like that), but I think that tradition and wisdom are tied to language, and that they are generally good things.

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