Friday, February 10, 2006

Forced Objectivity Strikes Again

Too-too funny. This was the headline on a new AP story on the "bipartisan ethics scandal":Care to guess as to what's missing from the story? If you said "Any indication whatsoever that Reid ever met with Abramoff," you'd be spot on.

More to the point, however, is the other thing that's missing: any credible evidence of a quid pro quo between Reid's office and Abramoff, Abramoff's firm, Abramoff's associates, or any of the other tortured euphemisms the MSM is test-driving in order to enlarge the universe of this Republican ethics scandal just enough to include some Democrat, any Democrat, please!

The main points of the article are that Reid:

1. Lobbied against the expansion of Indian casinos off reservation, and then received donations from Abramoff clients or Abramoff's firm "around the time" of having done so.

2. Had one of his top legislative aides hired as a lobbyist by Abramoff’s firm.

3. Met with Abramoff's deputy regarding Ted Kennedy's minimum wage bill, which threatened to increase the minimum wage on the Marianas Islands to that of the US mainland.

The problem with all of this innuendo is that:

1. Reid had always lobbied against the expansion of Indian casinos off the reservations, which makes sense given the fact that he represents Las Vegas.

2. This happens all the time. While there are cases in which legal sanctions can apply (like when Boeing hired the Pentagon procurement officer who had awarded it a contract only a year before), AP makes no indication that this is one of them, nor does it explain how Reid could have had anything to say one way or another about his aide's career moves.

3. Reid supported Kennedy's bill and lobbied for it, against the interests of Abramoff and his clients. If he was secretly employing back-channel methods to kill the legislation, AP certainly doesn't suggest it, nor did they find anyone who does. In fact, the crack AP investigative team of JOHN SOLOMON and SHARON THEIMER didn't even attempt to contact the Abramoff deputy who met with Reid for their story.

All that said, however, more digging will occur, and if actual evidence turns up that Reid exchanged legislation (or defeat of it) for cash donations, he should be imprisoned on a Marianas Islands Indian reservation and forced to manufacture garments and handicrafts next to his corrupt Republican brethren.

Until that time, give it up, MSM.


Blogger Germanicu$ said...

Someone must have cried foul, perhaps Harry himself. The headline now reads, "Top Democrat Reid Aided Abramoff Clients."

Maybe it was Prof. Matt Lauer who pointed out the error.

12:25 PM  

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