Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When does the bombing begin? Part II

From the NYT

Iran has accelerated its nuclear fuel enrichment activities and rejected demands of international inspectors to explain evidence that had raised suspicions of a nuclear weapons program, according to a report by a United Nations agency. {IAEA)

The report laid out a long list of fresh examples in which it said Iran had stonewalled the agency, responding with incomplete and ambiguous answers and refusing repeated requests to turn over documents and information.

In another development, Iran informed the agency that it was planning at the end of this year to set up 3,000 centrifuges that enrich uranium as it moves toward industrial-scale enrichment, ignoring international demands that it return to a freeze on its uranium enrichment activities at its vast facility at Natanz, the report said. That would be enough to make a weapon if all technical problems were resolved.

How much longer to we go through the motions with the UN?

My guess is this plays until Jan '07, then we flatten all the facilities we can find. I think Bush will wait until after the midterm elections and Christmas. I think he will try and use the time to get other nations on board by showing exhaustion in the UN, like he did before Iraq (not that it did us any good by hesitating).


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