Thursday, June 01, 2006

Evidence of a Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum

From today's Tribune:

"The findings, published Thursday in three separate papers in the journal Nature, fill in a blank spot in scientists' understanding of climate history. And while they show that much remains to be learned about climate change, they suggest that scientists have greatly underestimated the power of greenhouse gases to warm the Arctic."

This piece seems to bolster the claims of those wacky eco-terrorists like Al Gore.


Blogger sexyretard said...

"The new analysis confirms that the Arctic Ocean warmed remarkably 55 million years ago, which is when many scientists say that the extraordinary planetwide warm-up called the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum must have been caused by an enormous burst of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. But no one has found a clear cause for the gas discharge."--From the article

Shame those Paleocene Eocenites did not have a Kyoto treaty to save them.

1:19 PM  
Blogger mkchicago said...

"But no one has found a clear cause for the gas discharge."
Too many Fred Flintstone farts?

2:45 PM  

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