Friday, December 08, 2006

ISG Report

"Good policy is difficult to make when information is systematically collected in a way that minimizes its discrepancy with policy goals." (pp.94-95)

That pretty much summarizes the Bush administration, doesn't it?

It's interesting to contrast this subgroup of old CFR Republicans with the current faction in power. Never has it been more obvious what a bunch of immature, idealistic college sophomores the neo-cons are.


Blogger sexyretard said...

I certainly agree that there is nothing conservative about what is going on in Iraq. It's a bizarre combination of political correctness, American imperalism (but without balls), heavy spending (read nation building) and diplomatic impotence.

Things costing a lot during a budget deficit giving us little in return is, well, not conservative. What is a neo-con,anyway, except proof that the Conservatives lost the Culture wars and are desperate for someone to pretend to love us?

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