Friday, March 09, 2007


The Conservapedia is a fantastic addition to the ranks of Wikipedia-inspired sites, Wookiepedia and Jedipedia, as all three are compendia of information about worlds that don't really exist. The obvious difference is that most of the contributors to Wookiepedia and Jedipedia are probably aware of this fact.

The best thing about Conservapedia is probably this page, where Andrew Schlafly and his comrades complain about the liberal bias in Wikipedia. Much of the page is dedicated to lamenting the fact that creationism and Christianity are not viewed as appropriate topics of scientific discussion.

Since there is apparently no facet of science, culture, media, the arts, government, or anything else that isn't soaking with liberal bias, we should all look forward to the introduction of "conservametrics," "meteorconservatology," and "meconservatrical engineering," in order to challenge the left-wing bias in weights and measures, weather reporting, and auto component design and manufacture.


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