Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Washington Monthly

The Washington Monthly: "THE REPUBLICAN IMPLOSION....John Quiggin, commenting on that Pew poll that I highlighted the other day, offers an explanation for the Republican Party's cratering support:

Republican support is contracting to a base of about 25 per cent of the population whose views are getting more extreme, not merely because moderate conservatives are peeling off to become Independents, but also because of the party's success in constructing a parallel universe of news sources, thinktanks, blogs, pseudo-scientists and so on, which has led to the core becoming more tightly committed to an extremist ideology.

....The general liberalisation of thinking on social issues is unlikely to be reversed. Moreover, while American faith in military power bounced back after Vietnam, I doubt that the same will be true after Iraq. If you wanted a textbook lesson in why resort to violence is rarely a sensible choice, Bush's presentation of that lesson could hardly be bettered."


Blogger RaginCajun said...

Yes, but the syncretic tradition of the Christians is embracing the post-modernist paganism of Gore and his ilk. Henny penny the sky is falling. Even Jimmy Dobson is going with the flow. Be prepared to be co-opted and ashamed of your incandescents.

The 'publicans just need some good scares to call their own at this point. There are more than a few on the horizon. They have proved to be much better at rhetoric over the past 30 years than the 'mocrats. I wouldn't write the 'publicans off, but then again I'm always betting on last year's mutual fund...

On the war issue, well, who says we have to win in order to be right. That's just pre-modernist, 'mocratic, thinking. Did Lee Kwan Yew have it right: if not for the Vietnam war he never would have been able to create an autocracy in Singapore? Think of Julian's wars against the Celtic tribes around Trier. Ultimately failed, but preserved the empire for, well, people whose ideas he opposed.

Cheers and a solemn lent to all,

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