Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Over

Republicans wave the white flag and acknowledge that seeming to oppose universal healthcare is political suicide--a landmark shift and rare rhetorical victory for the Dems.

All that remains now is for the Democrats to implement some shitty, piecemeal plan that fattens their insurance industry contributors whilst pissing off Americans who thought that universal coverage meant universal coverage.


Blogger sexyretard said...

I'm always pissy when it comes to our elected officials but I have to give credit where it is (probably) due.

I work with people with disabilities who appear to be very well served by Medicare Part D, when it applies. I also am changing jobs and likely to lose health insurance (I do not have a spare kidney to sell for COBRA), and it looks like Illinois' All Family will provide rather well.

The one thing I will say against the Democrats (as an obligation, and a joyful one at that) is that they have painted Mr Bush as someone who does not care about children. I saw an ad asking if we were for the children or for Mr Bush. I don't think that was responsible. The war cost comparisons should do the job adequately without ad hominem attacks on Bush's character.

As Jeff has mentioned, it may be too soon to celebrate. Government programs always run the risk of disaster and mismanagement; however, I actually know people for whom the system has already worked.

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