Monday, June 05, 2006

No good tyrants?

Is the vaunted Bush Doctrine being violated?

The United States has been funneling more than $100,000 a month to warlords battling Islamist militia in Somalia, according to a Somalia expert who has conferred with the groups in the country.


The U.S. operation, which former intelligence officials say is aimed at preventing emergence of rulers who could provide al Qaeda with a safe haven akin to Afghanistan, appeared to be seriously set back on Monday when an Islamic coalition claimed control of Mogadishu.


CIA-operated flights into Somalia have been bringing in $100,000 to $150,000 per month for the warlords. The flights remain in Somalia for the day, he said, so that U.S. agents can confer with their allies.

that's $20,000 for warlord Lenny... that's $20,000 for warlord Karl...

A U.N. team monitoring an arms embargo against Somalia has also said it is investigating an unnamed country's clandestine support for the warlords alliance as a possible violation of the weapons ban.

Weapons? But those nice Somali warlords promised me they were going to use that money to buy baby formula! And maybe some deodorant!

"By circumventing the new government and going straight to individual warlords, the U.S. is perpetuating and even deepening Somalia's fundamental problems, and compromising long-term efforts to combat extremism," some so-called expert was quoted as saying.

Somalia sounds ripe for a little Bush Doctrine® treatment.

I know, I know... our unpopular leader is busy hating fags right now.

So let's just put someone responsible and respectable in charge of fixing Somalia.

Someone who will awaken in the Somali people the true yearning for freedom and liberty and democracy which all men share.

Someone unburdened by the corrupting influences of realpolitik and partisanship.

There's only one man who can get the job done.



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Issues aside, you get a gold star for the illustrations! Superb post.

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