Friday, May 18, 2007

The Big Blue Marble

I read in the elevator today that a snow/ice area in the Antarctic the size of Planet Mundelein (which, for Earth-dwellers, is roughly the size of California) melted in 2005. But there's another side to the story that the leftist media won't tell you: a snow/ice area the size of Antarctica, minus an area the size of Planet Mundelein/California, did not melt in 2005, which proves conclusively that global climate change is not occuring (1980s), is occuring but is not human-caused (1990s), and is occuring but will have lots of unpredictable beneficial effects for America (2000s). Is there no relief from this liberal media bias?

In an unrelated story, apparently the ocean around the Antarctic has become saturated with carbon about a half century before the global left-wing scientific conspiracy planned to report such a phenomenon (or did it...), which means that the ocean has lost the capacity to absorb more atmospheric carbon.

If only the meager resources of the fossil fuel industry could compete with those of the scientific funding juggernaut, more people who are unable to publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals could get grant money to study this stuff and propose better, less alarming explanations.


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