Thursday, June 15, 2006

Girl, You Know It's True!

A great story from the Washington Monthly on the abandonment of Bush by "true conservatives." The Trotskyite analogy is particularly apt. Here's a great little chestnut:

"Conservatives cannot govern well for the same reason that vegetarians cannot prepare a world-class boeuf bourguignon: If you believe that what you are called upon to do is wrong, you are not likely to do it very well."


Blogger sexyretard said...

Greetings, comrade Leon Jeffscovich.

I am told that congratulations are in order. I pray for God's blessings on you and your family.

Do you suppose your author is guilty of a bit of wishful thinking? It is quite a leap indeed to go from 30% approval ratings and then pronouncing that most everybody would put Bush's presidency in the bottom four of history. Well, perhaps not consciously, but we're all latent Bush-haters.

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Blogger sexyretard said...

Does he really argue with a straight face (good thing he's writing) that the right is "just as vehement as the left" in declaring the current administration a failure?

I listen to 560 and about the only voice calling Bush's administration a failure is the one who always has (Michael Savage). Who exactly is this fellow listening to? His argument reminds me of the "one Republican friend who hates Bush" that everyone seems to have.

Let's just take a poll this coming Monday of those who voted for Bush and now consider him "one of history's four worst Presidents." My guess is that there will be none of us taking that position.

What I think is duping this author is that conservatives are much more willing (as a whole, that is--our group is refreshingly not this way) to challenge our own, and that more openly than liberals are.
About the only thing I remember being criticized about John Kerry on Air America was his being too much like the Republicans; that is, any criticism I hear on Air America not coming from Jerry Springer that is directed towards the left is almost universally related to them being like Republicans.

I think a great many of us don't fit into the author's perception of reality. If asked, I would give Bush a vote of disapproval (not a vote of one of the worst Presidents in history), and if asked to vote to re-elect him, I probably would. Just because you are disappointed with your cold sore doesn't mean you'd rather have AIDS.

That one can be unsatisfied with Bush, and yet consider him a far superior option to the alternatives, seems to be a reality that has eluded the left, and it's going to mean that the elections in November, which by all rights should be a Democratic landslide, will not be. There is such a thing as mistaking disappointment with an opponent as being satisfaction or even tolerance of one's self.

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